Problems with xrefs to A127585

Artur grafix at
Wed Apr 4 11:23:44 CEST 2007

Dear Seqfans,
I'm remember one case when I was reserved new numbers for my new 
sequences and I was do corossrefferences to my own new sequences 
(according these reserved numbers). Later Neil ask me me about 
possibility changing these numbers because another author was submitted 
long serie of related sequences and Neil want have these in ONEIS under 
decreased numbers. I was agree and my sequences was submitted under 
another numbers than I was reserved earlier. I don't remembered about 
changing later crossrefferences on these new one numbers. I will try 
check these soon and send corrections to Neil.

franktaw at napisał(a):
> According to the dexhis.txt file, A127585 was retired in favor of 
> A127586. Likewise, the nearby sequence A127588 was retired in favor of 
> A127587.
> It appears (although I haven't checked all of them) that the sequences 
> incorrectly referencing A127585 also reference A127587 through 
> A127588. According, both A127585 and A127588 should be removed from 
> the cross references for these sequences.
> Franklin T. Adams-Watters
> -----Original Message-----
> From: jvospost3 at
> Problems with xrefs to A127585: there are at least 16 spurious cross
> references to my innocent A127585. The problem seems to have started
> with some Artur Jasinski seqs, and then somehow spread to seqs by
> Labos E. and extensions by Richard J. Mathar.
> I'll refrain from submitting other seqs of error terms in truncations
> of Stirling's Approximation to n! until this is resolved.
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