first 10^7 terms of A000041 (number of partitions)

Simon Plouffe simon.plouffe at
Sat Apr 7 09:02:38 CEST 2007

Interesting result,
  I have a site with values of p(n) up to
500000 at

and I offer the necessary bandwith to store
your result about A000041 : I think I can manage to
put a few more gigabytes on that disk.

Simon Plouffe


I can offer my apartment for the party. I live in Belmont on the Belmont-Cambridge line.


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>Dear Seqfans, Assoc. Eds,
>I'm giving a talk on the OEIS on Mon Apr 30 at MIT in the Applied Math Dept,
>Tea at 4pm in Room 4-174 (Math Majors Lounge), talk at 4.30 in Room 2-105
>Any sequence fans in the area are invited.
>If there was enough interest we could even meet afterwards 
>for a small party.  Send me an email if interested!

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