Duplicate hunting

Andrew Plewe aplewe at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 10 09:54:52 CEST 2007

My mind is taking a bit of a break from other math pursuits, so I've 
decided in the down-time to find duplicate sequences in the OEIS. I have 
a text file of about 1500 sequences that match lexically (same values, 
same ordering) that I'm using, then manually comparing the sequences to 
see if they actually have the same definition. I'd be happy to share 
this file with anyone who'd like to participate, email me off-list and 
I'll send it along (approx. 280k text file). Anyways, here are a few 
that I've found this evening by working from the last line of the file 
upwards. If it's preferable, I'll send future duplicates to Neil 
directly or a designated editor/editors to keep traffic down on the 
email list.

duplicate sequences:
A070068 (updated version of A068668)
A101141 (same as A056258)
A092941 (same as A075393)
A091296 (same as A108637)
A103613 (same as A104768 -- I think, please verify)
A061299 (same as A096933)

    -Andrew Plewe-

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