Need help with a pair of possible duplicates

Ray Chandler rayjchandler at
Mon Apr 30 05:45:11 CEST 2007

> are A056215 and A098677 the same?
> they are both submitted by Bob Wilson.
> But one mentions primes and the other 
> does not
> are they the same?
> Neil

The Mathematica code is slightly different, but equivalent - the sequences are the same.

In fact A098672-678 appear to be duplicates of A056210-216.
Ray Chandler 

Straightforward duplicates:

A106659 and A106660
A063779 and A063781
A081640 and A129246
A104115 and A104117
A076204 and A109409
A069686 and A077358
A098770 and A098899
A074164 and A076085
A099911 and A103994
A120533 and A124887
A072239 and A106171

Possible duplicates:

A051254 and A118911

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