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save me a lot of work - and reduce the possibility
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> * calendars changed often, so how is the beginning of a year defined ?

I could be wrong, but I think the convention is that the dates that are used 
(until the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, anyway) are reckoned 
according to the Julian calendar; for dates before the introduction of the 
Julian calendar, the "Julian proleptic calendar" is used.  At


under the section "8.  The Julian Calendar," it says,

<<  Today the principles of the Julian calendar continue to be used by 
chronologists. The Julian proleptic calendar is formed by applying the rules 
of the Julian calendar to times before Caesar's reform. This provides a 
simple chronological system for correlating other calendars and serves as 
the basis for the Julian day numbers. >>

'Hope this helps!  :-)

-- Jon

Dear Seqfans,  I much prefer it if you send comments
using the web page.

If you do send them via email, please use the following format:

%I A093151
%S A093151 1, 13, 169, 1890, 20216, 210824, 2167819, 22119495,
224576508, 2272476724, 22940979719, 231196075659, 2326967290816, 23397529216327, 2350
77715264515, 2360380831212204
%C A093151 More terms, formula
%F A093151 a(n) = 25*10^(n-2) - 1 - A091098(n)
%A A093151 Max Alekseyev <maxal at cs.ucsd.edu>, May 30 2007

Then my editing programs do all the work.  Otherwise I have
to cut and paste by hand.



The %I, %S and %A lines are crucial

Please give all the terms, not just the new terms
if you are extending a sequence

If you are sending a comment, at least give
the first few terms in the %S line

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