format for sending updates by email, was Re A093151

N. J. A. Sloane njas at
Thu May 31 18:41:10 CEST 2007


The comment

%C A093151 More terms, formula

will look useless to me if it appear in OEIS.
I may send such a comment _to_you_ (without %C formatting) but not to
a robot (i.e., editing programs) who updates the OEIS entries.

Could you clarify what entries and how are processed by a robot?


On 5/31/07, N. J. A. Sloane <njas at> wrote:
> Dear Seqfans,  I much prefer it if you send comments
> using the web page.
> If you do send them via email, please use the following format:
> %I A093151
> %S A093151 1, 13, 169, 1890, 20216, 210824, 2167819, 22119495,
> 224576508, 2272476724, 22940979719, 231196075659, 2326967290816, 23397529216327, 2350
> 77715264515, 2360380831212204
> %C A093151 More terms, formula
> %F A093151 a(n) = 25*10^(n-2) - 1 - A091098(n)
> %A A093151 Max Alekseyev <maxal at>, May 30 2007
> Then my editing programs do all the work.  Otherwise I have
> to cut and paste by hand.
> Thanks!
> Neil
> The %I, %S and %A lines are crucial
> Please give all the terms, not just the new terms
> if you are extending a sequence
> If you are sending a comment, at least give
> the first few terms in the %S line

Max, seqfans,  
You are right.  What I was trying to say was this:

Put in a comment line (or a %e line, say), saying

%C A123456 Neil: More terms and a formula.


%C A123456 Neil: just a cross-reference


%C A123456 Neil: More terms and a Maple program

Here's what my program does, roughly (it's really more

%A A123456 Max Alekseyev <maxale at>, May 31 2007

gets changed to

%E A123456 More terms from Max Alekseyev (maxale(AT), May 31 2007

If you didn't send more terms, but comments of some
kind, this gets changed (by me) to

%a A123456 More terms from Max Alekseyev (maxale(AT), May 31 2007

Then %C lines, %F lines, %p lines,
etc., get this added to them, authmatically:

%a lines get deleted

The %I line signals the start of a new comment
The %S lines is a check that we are really talking
about the same sequence
The %A lines is so that the source of these changes
gets recorded
Lines that begin with  Neil  will catch my attention
(and get deleted)
The updating programs usually ignore keywords and offset,
unless you tell me they need to be changed

The %N lines are tricky:  it is OK to copy the %N line,
as a double check we are talking about the same sequence,
but it is not necessary

If you want to suggest a change to the %N lines,
put in the new %N line and say

%C A123456 Neil: here is a better definition.

%C lines get all squashed together

%e lines don't get squashed

So if you want to send a matrix or array, put
it in %e lines:

%e A103589 Triangle begins:
%e A103589 0
%e A103589 0 1
%e A103589 0 0 0
%e A103589 0 0 1 1
%e A103589 0 0 0 1 0
%e A103589 0 0 0 0 0 1


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