A135045: missed terms(?)

zak seidov zakseidov at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 15 13:29:51 CET 2008

Neil, Manuel. seqfans,

there are some missed terms in A135045.

Sequence begins:


Better someone check these independently.


%I A135045
%S A135045 24,30,68,268,434,520
%N A135045 Numbers in A134651 which are the sum of two
terms from A001043 in a unique way.
%Y A135045 Cf. A134651, A001043, A134650.
%K A135045 nonn,more,new
%O A135045 1,1
%A A135045 Manuel Valdivia (mvaldivia(AT)ugr.es), Feb
10 2008

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