[seqfan] New capabilities of the Seqfan Mailing List Server

Olivier Gerard olivier.gerard at gmail.com
Sat Oct 25 06:37:32 CEST 2008

Dear seqfan members,

The seqfan mailing list is now "powered" by the mailman list software v2.1.9
and I will update this program regularly.

The web interface will allow each one to adapt his subscription to one's own
preferences quite easily.  Among the features available:

- To change one's own email address

- To temporarily disable receiving messages
(A frequent request on the older system. It can also be used to
subscribe several times to seqfan for posting purposes, but receiving
the mail only at one place)

- To receive all messages of the day in one mail (Digest mode)

- To receive or not one's own posting

- The language in which you want to receive robot messages and
see web pages. (If there is a language you need and is not available,
please tell me about it).

And you can of course ask me directly to help you about the use
of the list.

There was a discussion on the yahoo mailing list about topic filtering
due to the sometimes heavy traffic on seqfan. I will be experimenting
this on a test list before proposing it to seqfan members.

As before for security and to avoid spam, subscribers addresses are
not listable and messages can be posted only by members. In the case
of someone posting but not considered as member by the robot, the
message will not be lost as before but sent to me so that I can transfer
it easily to the list. Archives will be public.

The messages are automatically limited to a few tens kilobyte. Any
message over the limit will be held for approval by the moderators
and the poster will be told about what's going on.

Thanks for your support and patience,

Olivier GERARD
seqfan mailing list administrator

PS: the new server can support other mailing lists. If you would like
to start or transfer a scientific/academic/scholarly mailing list, I
would be glad to host it on the computer and would assist you
in configurating it.

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