[seqfan] Classical Chinese Combinatorics: Derivation of the Book of Changes Hexagram Sequence?

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Probably related to:


STEDT Monograph 5: Classical Chinese Combinatorics: Derivation of the
Book of Changes Hexagram Sequence

Richard S. Cook

The first and most enigmatic of the Chinese classics is the Book of
Changes, and the reasoning behind its binary hexagram sequence
remained an unsolved mystery for some 3,000 years (according to the
tradition ascribing it to King Wen of Zhou, d. -11th c.). This
Monograph resolves the classical enigma: Richard Cook provides a
comprehensive analysis of the hexagram sequence, showing that its
classification of binary sequences demonstrates knowledge of the
convergence of certain linear recurrence sequences (LRS; Pingala -5th
c.?, Fibonacci 1202) to division in extreme and mean ratio (DEMR, the
"Golden Section" irrational; Pythagoras -6th c.?, Euclid
-4th c.). It is shown that the complex hexagram sequence encapsulates
a careful and ingenious demonstration of the LRS/DEMR relation, that
this knowledge results from general combinatorial analysis, and is
reflected in elements emphasized in ancient Chinese and Western
mathematical traditions. This copiously illustrated 660-page volume
presents a detailed introduction to the classical problem, an overview
and in-depth derivation of the solution, an extensive terminological
glossary, and computer source code formalizing all aspects of the
derivations. The conclusion of this work situates the major findings
in larger historical context.

ISBN 0-944613-44-6
660 pages
soft cover: $100.00 + shipping and handling
Buy this book online from the STEDT Web Store
hard cover: (special order)


Well... ?!
Probably fascinating to read, even if it weren't true about
the real motivation for the sequence. Actually, I would myself
believe more in one-line formula, than hundred of pages of
in-depth derivation. This reminds me of some deciphering-attempts
of scripts like Indus valley and Rongo-rongo, where with enough ingenuity
you can read about anything.

But haven't read the book. Maybe the solution is there...



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