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DW> Please restate the problem.

The proposition ...

The case p does not divide choose(2n, n) <=>
n has all base-p digits < p/2.

... has a nice generalization in terms of the swinging
factorial. In the setup of the swinging factorial
choose(2n, n) is just the even cases. Why cast away
half of the result?

However, I was not concerned with this in my original
posting at all. I just answered to what you wrote.

The subject points to A151750, which in turn points
to A030979, A129508.

  A151750 Numbers n such that GCD(binomial(2n,n), 3*5*7*11) = 1. 	
  A030979 Numbers n such that C(2n,n) is not divisible by 3, 5 or 7.
  A129508 Numbers n such that 3 and 5 do not divide binomial(2n,n).

After reading these three titles I considered whether these
cases can be formulated uniformly in a more general frame.

See my original posting where I tried to explain what my
thoughts were. It let me to the sequence 6,20,1512,6320,...
where 6320 is twice the 3160 from A151750.


Please restate the problem.

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> The problems in my original posting are somewhat harder.
> Ron Graham for example offers 1000$ for one of them.
> Cheers Peter

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