[seqfan] Re: LRS formulas for n>=...?

Hagen von Eitzen math at von-eitzen.de
Mon Aug 3 22:06:38 CEST 2009

rhhardin at att.net schrieb:
> Yes, that looks good.
> In fact just proving the existence of a recursion is enough to prove
> an empirical recursion, with some decision about how many terms
> it might have at most.
> Enumeration of enough terms fades fast as m increases in nXm however.
And at the same time the state space (and hence the potential degree of 
the recursion)
grows faster than I had initially thought:
As part of the state one does not only have the last two rows, but also 
the information
which of the "1-clusters" in them are connected ...
On the other hand, many cases can be combined,thus decreasing the degree 

However, the must intresting is probably the nxn case.


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