[seqfan] Re: LRS formulas for n>=...?

Hagen von Eitzen math at von-eitzen.de
Mon Aug 3 22:23:53 CEST 2009

rhhardin at att.net schrieb:
> Yes, that looks good.
> In fact just proving the existence of a recursion is enough to prove
> an empirical recursion, with some decision about how many terms
> it might have at most.
> Enumeration of enough terms fades fast as m increases in nXm however.
BTW, I'm missing sequences without any "path form here to there" 
condition, i.e.
let F(n,m) be the number of nxm binary arrays with all 1's connected and 
no 1 having more than two 1s adjacent.
Then e.g. your A000032(n) = F(n,4) - 2*F(n-1,4) + F(n-2,4) and 
A000040(n) = F(n,4) - 2*F(n,3) + F(n,2).


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