[seqfan] Re: Rant on Maple code

peter.luschny peter.luschny at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 10 22:30:49 CEST 2009

Dear Neil,

my remarks were not aimed at the editor or the co-editors.

Your work and the work of your co-editors looks to me
like a titanic effort. I have deep respect for this work.

I just tried to communicate with some of the writers of
these contributions -- if not here on this list, where
else could I try?

Perhaps some of those contributors did read my remarks.
They should not hesitate to contact me if they think
a review of their code could be helpful.

Best regards


Peter,  you are right that the programs (in all languages) that
are included in the OEIS are less than perfect.

The trouble is, the database contains 162110 entries,
and it is essentially run by one person in addition to
his regular job.

It would be nice if we had someone whose job it is to check
and maintain the programs, someone else to process submissions
of new sequences, a third person to process updates to existing
sequences, and a fourth person to search the literature
for sequences.

At present about 50 new sequences arrive each day, and 60 or more
updates every day.  Altogether I get about 200 messages
a day dealing with sequences.

You can use thge web page SubmitA.html to add new programs,
and SubmitC.html to make corrections to existing programs.

I will add your better program for A001147, thanks!

 Best regards

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