[seqfan] News on A052457, A052458, A090037, A106646

Christian Boyer cboyer at club-internet.fr
Fri Feb 6 19:13:41 CET 2009

Now in www.multimagie.com/indexengl.htm, a new updated table of multimagic
series (A052457, A052458, A090037, A106646) with some new terms computed by
Michael Quist. It will be more and more difficult to compute next terms...

On hexamagic series, nice proofs by Jaroslaw Wroblewski.
And the first non-null term of hexamagic series is still unknown! Maybe the
20th term?

Direct access to the multimagic series page:

Because you like problems on integers, supplemental info:
my five enigmas are still open, each with a 100 euros prize + bottle of


PS: Neil, I used your SubmitA.html page, the new terms are added.

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