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It appears that the definition is still incorrect for this sequence.  
Instead of
"increasing sequence of primes", it should probably be "sequence of
distinct primes".

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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Sequence fans,

Can someone help me understand how the terms are derived for sequence
A083188? It appears that none of the primes are repeated.

Thanks, Diana

%I A083188
%S A083188 2,3,7,5,17,11,19,13,59,23
%N A083188 Lexicographically earliest increasing sequence of primes 
with the
                that for all n >= 1, the concatenation of a(n), a(n+1), 
               is a prime.
%e A083188 2, 37, 7517 etc. are primes.
%Y A083188 Cf. A083189.
%Y A083188 Adjacent sequences: A083185 A083186 A083187 this_sequence 
%Y A083188 Sequence in context: A059459 A124440 A067363 this_sequence
A129543 A137440
%K A083188 base,more,nonn,new
%O A083188 1,1
%A A083188 Amarnath Murthy (amarnath_murthy(AT)yahoo.com), Apr 27 2003
%E A083188 Definition corrected by njas, Jan 02 2009


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