[seqfan] editing questions

Douglas McNeil d.mcneil at qmul.ac.uk
Mon Mar 16 21:07:35 CET 2009


I've only started to dabble with the OEIS, and had a couple of questions 
about editing.  I couldn't find answers to them written down anywhere, and 
I couldn't abstract a rule from the handful of similar cases I found. 
I'd like to know current practice before I go stepping in flowerbeds out 
of ignorance..

Q: I found an error in the n-th term of a sequence and can't determine the 
correct value, though I suspect one exists.  The later terms are correct, 
but if I simply remove the incorrect value and leave them there then the 
indices will be off by one; the sequence is a list of function values, not 
merely a set.  How should I edit this?

Q, not unrelated: Is there a standard way of dealing with missing values?

Q: There's a recently added sequence which doesn't seem well-defined-- I 
don't see any easy way to determine if a number belongs to the sequence or 
not.  There's a modification of the definition, however, which would 
render it easily decidable and keep all the known values the same, but it 
would be a different sequence if my guess about how the sequence behaves 
is wrong.  Is major surgery of this kind accepted (on newish sequences on 
which little depends, at least)?


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