[seqfan] Re: Attribution

Alexander P-sky apovolot at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 15:31:30 CET 2010

If there is a desire to retain OEIS established popularity and also
there is an intention not to loose "older generation" audience (to
which great number of mathematicians still belong),
which will choose not to "relearn" in order to get accustom to the new
wiki style interface,
then in my opinion the transition to OES wiki should be absolutely
transparent to such users and the "Look and Feel" of the classic OEIS
interface be preserved at least as the option.

On 12/4/10, Hans Havermann <pxp at rogers.com> wrote:
> The "extensions" section of a sequence has a lot of options and a
> casual user might think that if they correct a spelling mistake, say,
> they are obligated to add "edited by" in the extensions. The wiki
> "history" shows what is done by whom. Correct? So what is the intent
> and future of our current plethora of attributions in the various
> sections and especially, now, in the "extensions"?
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