[seqfan] 34 Tables in "Neighboring Powers" paper

T. D. Noe noe at sspectra.com
Tue Feb 16 23:18:13 CET 2010

The Journal of Number Theory has just published the paper "Neighboring
powers" by Beukers and Stewart.  If no one is working on it yet, I plan to
add and extend the paper's 34 tables.  It looks like two tables are already
in OEIS: A078933 (integers x such that 0 < |x^3 - y^2| < sqrt(x) for some
integer y) and A116884 (integers n such that 0 < |n^5 - m^2| <= n^(3/2) for
some integer m).

I just want to avoid duplication of effort.


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