[seqfan] A050267 negative prime numbers?

Vladimir Orlovsky 4vladimir at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 01:19:54 CET 2010

*source:  From: zak seidov <zakseidov at yahoo.com>*
*A050267  Primes of the form 47*n^2-1701*n+10181. *
10181, 8527, 6967, 5501, 4129, 2851, 1667, 577, -419, -1321, -2129, -2843,
AUTHOR  Eric Weisstein (eric(AT)weisstein.com)
Edited by N. J. A. Sloane (njas(AT)research.att.com), May 10 2007

I really do NOT want to be `peeky`

1. Author is `big name`
2. Edited by *Neil* in 2007 (long time ago, to make some changes and
re-changes if needed...)

3. What is the ...`big--talk-about` negative prime numbers now?

4. Again. it's NOT about `salt on the wound`
    Please-Please read me correctly!
 *where is the consistency?*

5.  with this kind of `rools&regulations` regular "Joe" like me will
and Always-Always will be `wrong`.

6. as I wrote befor: *I'm NOT defent anythink-anyone...*
and I STILL Not...
and I already `drop it & move-on`...
but now... (after reading Zak's note!)
I REALLY want to know!
I do NOT know how it express in very polite-by-firm note:
 *"" I REALLY want to know! ""*
what is going on?!

** Are we just peeking on individuals!
** Are we forgetfull? can't make our mind?
** Are we doing ...what? ...and what actually we doing?!

/*No disrespect to anyone.*/
Vladimir Orlovsky
4vladimir at gmail.com

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