[seqfan] Re: A050267 negative prime numbers?

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1) Any time you get a human-generated list of more than 100000 
"interesting" items, there are going to be inconsistencies.  Nobody can 
keep track of all that.

2) It is always better, when dealing with any potential ambiguity in a  
public forum, to specify more precisely what you mean, instead of 
letting people guess, and possibly guess wrong.

3) People who have obvious problems with the English language, like 
those who show limited mathematical understanding, are naturally going 
to get more editing done on their sequences.

4) In summary, don't expect perfection, but do your best.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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From: Vladimir Orlovsky <4vladimir at gmail.com>

*source:  From: zak seidov <zakseidov at yahoo.com>*
*A050267  Primes of the form 47*n^2-1701*n+10181. *
10181, 8527, 6967, 5501, 4129, 2851, 1667, 577, -419, -1321, -2129, 
AUTHOR  Eric Weisstein (eric(AT)weisstein.com)
Edited by N. J. A. Sloane (njas(AT)research.att.com), May 10 2007

I really do NOT want to be `peeky`

1. Author is `big name`
2. Edited by *Neil* in 2007 (long time ago, to make some changes and
re-changes if needed...)

3. What is the ...`big--talk-about` negative prime numbers now?

4. Again. it's NOT about `salt on the wound`
    Please-Please read me correctly!
 *where is the consistency?*

5.  with this kind of `rools&regulations` regular "Joe" like me will
and Always-Always will be `wrong`.

6. as I wrote befor: *I'm NOT defent anythink-anyone...*
and I STILL Not...
and I already `drop it & move-on`...
but now... (after reading Zak's note!)
I REALLY want to know!
I do NOT know how it express in very polite-by-firm note:
 *"" I REALLY want to know! ""*
what is going on?!

** Are we just peeking on individuals!
** Are we forgetfull? can't make our mind?
** Are we doing ...what? ...and what actually we doing?!

/*No disrespect to anyone.*/
Vladimir Orlovsky
4vladimir at gmail.com


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