[seqfan] mess and confusion

Vladimir Orlovsky 4vladimir at gmail.com
Tue Mar 30 20:00:02 CEST 2010

Laitely, I see so much activity; delete, change, edit, remove...etc.etc.
Too me, it will create lots of mess and confusion..

A144522  From decimal expansion...
Please look at:
CROSSREFS  Cf. A002193, A152625.
Please Click:  A152625

Actual Result:
"I am sorry, but the terms do not match anything in the table."

1. Clean all crossrefs, notes.....etc,etc.
2. or (Better!!) Make clear-short written note! ... What happend to seq.
A152625 ?!

(advice | recommendation)
You guys put this sequences ""for-the-world"", but acting as it's your
private (toy) network.
Millions people will look this site and Not all of them will be math savvy
and they will be Not regular-contributers
(read: they will NOT be reading your
`seqfan at list.seqfan.eu<%60seqfan at list.seqfan.eu>`

you really have to change you `cowboy` style,
personal ambitions...going too far sometime,
and start think about "HOW Different People will perceive this changes..."

/*please disregard if you can't get my point*/

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