[seqfan] Legacy versions of a Computer Algebra System.

RGWv rgwv at rgwv.com
Sun Sep 19 18:34:31 CEST 2010

Et al,

On a more serious note, the group has quite a few contributors who still use legacy versions of Mathematica. There exists in the OEIS, program coding which is not functional from one version to the next.

For many of use who use Mathematica daily, usually this is not an obstacle, but unless something is done soon, this type of problem is only going to grow. Wolfram is getting ready to release version 8 before Thanksgiving.

I suggest for discussion purposes that a program which is not very straight forward to begin with (* v7 *) or something similar. Also once the Wiki OEIS comes on line, many of us will 'correct' things such as removing the assigned function 'nextprim' with the built in function 'NextPrime'.


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