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T. D. Noe noe at sspectra.com
Wed Jul 25 23:30:51 CEST 2012

Please create your sequence in a new A-number.  Don't put it in
https://oeis.org/draft until you are completely happy with it.

I will change the author of A214326.

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At 4:26 PM -0500 7/25/12, Ed Jeffery wrote:
>Dear OEIS editors, including Joerg Arndt, Tony Noe and Alois Heinz:
>Regarding A214326, the sequence was approved without resolving issues which
>were pointed out by me and Joerg Arndt. Once a sequence is approved, the
>author can't communicate further internally, unless he or she is an editor.
>So I have to resolve this here. Please respond privately.
>What I would like to happen to resolve these issues is:
>(i) Give me permission to edit the sequence to get it back to the form in
>which it was originally intended and submitted, except that I would like to
>remove the first row and probably add the initial zeros. That will leave a
>table of nine rows giving the base b representations of the Fibonacci
>numbers for b = 2..10. Note that the whole point of the submission was
>simply to gather together existing OEIS sequences for the sake of
>convenience, comparison and reference. The base b restriction, b in
>{2..10}, is because other bases cannot be properly notated, at least not in
>a way that is consistent. For base b, we should have all representations in
>the same form, which is Fib(n) = d_0*b^0 + d_k*b^k (say), with the
>coefficients d_j in {0..b-1}, which is generally impossible for b = 1 or b
>> 10 without introducing non-numeric characters.
>(ii) Or, one or more of the editors could do (i).
>(iii) Otherwise, if not (i) or (ii), then please remove my name and put
>Alois Heinz as author, since his edits produced a sequence that is not in
>the spirit of my original submission. (His version is presumably an
>infinite square array, which, as we have just seen, is impossible, and I
>don't mean this in an unkind way, Alois.)
>(iv) Otherwise, if none of the above, then just recycle the A-number and
>that will solve the whole problem.
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