[seqfan] Re: additions for completeness' sake

Marc LeBrun mlb at well.com
Sun Mar 11 19:37:14 CET 2012

>="Wouter Meeussen" <wouter.meeussen at telenet.be>
> Would this be too much ballast?

No.  Ballast is cheap.  But the potential cost of missing relations due to
missing sequences is unbounded.

> Would anyone ever look them up?

In the case where the sequence is added, this is at worst unknowable.
"Ever" is a very long time!  How can we predict what transforms some
post-singularity superseeker might apply to a future lookup target?

However in the case where the sequence is omitted the answer is easy: no one
will ever be able to get a hit on it.

Don't be shy.  There's still plenty of A-numbers left!

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