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Max Alekseyev maxale at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 00:09:30 CEST 2013

Just a remark - there is an on-demand archiving service WebCite

In fact, Wikipedia actively employs it:

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Neil Sloane <njasloane at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just added a note to the
> http://oeis.org/wiki/Suggested_Projects page on the wiki
> about this, but this is important enough that I'm sending out an expanded
> version to the list.
> In 50 years most of the present links to personal web pages won't work any
> more, unless we have a backup copy on the OEIS web site.
>    1. So we should start making copies of all the private web pages that we
>    link to from the sequence entries. If possible we try to get permission
>    first, of course, but in many cases it may already be too late for that,
>    and we will have to use the Wayback Machine to recover the page.
>    What I recommend is that we have a duplicate for each link, like this:J.
>    Smith, <a href="etc etc, [the original link]J. Smith, <a
>    href="a123456.***> [cached copy]
>    For an example where we have a successfully cached copy, see
> A213000<http://oeis.org/A213000>
>    .For an example of an unsuccessful cache, see
> A080104<http://oeis.org/A080104>
>    .
> Furthermore, Hugo P. has pointed out to me that many publishers seem to
> have changed their policy, and articles that were formerly free are now
> hidden behind pay walls. So that links that used to work don't any more.
> I'm not sure how to deal with that problem.
> Anyway, there are a LOT of links in the OEIS, so this is something where
> everyone can help. This "crowd-sourcing" may be the only
> way to solve the problem.
> If you see a link in A123456, say, to
> J. Smith, <a href="http://homepage.com/file.html">Title</a>
> then ask permission from J. Smith, explaining why we are doing this
> (basically because we hope the OEIS will be around for hundreds of years,
> and so it is to everyone's advantage to preserve these pages),
> and then make a copy called a123456.html
> (it should start with the A-number, with lower case a)
> edit A123456 to upload a123456.html,
> and create a link saying
> J. Smith, <a href="a123456.html">Title</a> [Cached copy]
> The same thing with jpg, gif, pdf, etc files.
> Of course if there are subsidiary files called by the page,
> you need to copy them too. If you have questions, ask me or David Applegate
> or Russ Cox or Charles Greathouse for help.
> Neil
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