[seqfan] A279000 and A279001

Lars Blomberg larsl.blomberg at comhem.se
Thu Dec 15 08:33:13 CET 2016

The names seem to be wrong. 

Using the given formulas, the data is not reproduced and the two sequences
are not each others complement.

Refer to section 2.3 in the paper.

Although not explicitly stated there, I guess that 5 in the formulas should
be replaced by 11.

Now A279000 and A279001 are complements of each other.

But still, it seems that some values in the paper have been placed in the
wrong sequence:

A279001 contains 10 = (11*0+1)*11^1-1 that belongs to A279000 with

A279000 contains 21 = (11*0+2)*11^1-1 that belongs to A279001 with

A279001 contains 32 = (11*0+3)*11^1-1 that belongs to A279000 with


/Lars Blomberg

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