[seqfan] Re: another sequence idea: Year of n-th Millennium Prize

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Tue Dec 13 14:39:11 CET 2016

* Neil Fernandez <primeness at borve.org> [Dec 13. 2016 13:57]:
> Hi,
> I think "no" to any sequence where the terms denote years.

These are just one instance of what I call a "time bomb":
something that will get incorrect without any mechanism
in place to see when that happens.

I greatly frown at such sequences and have refused
to edit them for years.

> Creating the
> terms of this particular sequence requires (or in the case of the only
> existing term, required) mathematics, but discovering the terms doesn't.
> The facts about mathematical work that this sequence would record are
> external to mathematics.

...and uninteresting beyond bladder control.

> Neil
> PS The other six prizes may never be awarded, for all we know.
> [...]

Best regards,   jj

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