[seqfan] Re: Missing A-numbers, in case you were wondering

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Wed Nov 9 18:03:41 CET 2016

I have a few A-numbers allocated that I'd like to release.
There used to be a link _somewhere_ that allowed me to
do this.  I cannot find it anymore, is it gone?

Best regards,   jj

* Neil Sloane <njasloane at gmail.com> [Nov 09. 2016 17:56]:
> I just looked at the database, and there were a few gaps in the A-numbers.
> A230052 was the smallest missing number.  It was in the "drafts" stack, and
> I recycled it as abandoned.
> The next missing one was A242763, which was waiting to be approved, and I
> approved it.
> After that, we have every A-number up to A260000
> After that, I recycled a few more that were abandoned or forgotten.
> I have now accounted for every A-number from A000001 to A271000
> and I will stop there!
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