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Frank Adams-watters franktaw at netscape.net
Tue Jun 29 17:42:39 CEST 2021

Don't be afraid to submit a sequence. The editors get mad at people who won't learn, but not at novices.

One important point to remember is that criticism of your sequence is not criticism of you; so don't be defensive about it..

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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I have a suggestion for a new entry into the OEIS. But as I hold the 
Encyclopedia in very high regard and am purely an amateur I am a bit 
intimidated by "The standards are those of a mathematics reference 
work". So I would like to throw my possible contribution in here first 
lest I do something really stupid.

Maybe someone of the more seasoned people here can help me a bit. I am 
looking for advice on both whether the sequence has any merit at all, 
and if so help in making a proper submission.

Find below what I have so far.

Regards, Marian


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