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Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 03:33:04 CET 2023

Dear Sequence Fans:

1. Today is the 13th anniversary of the launch of the online version of the
OEIS, which happened - thanks to the efforts of Russ Cox, who wrote all the
software - on November 11 2010. We are now approaching 367000 entries, and
the traffic on our website has gone up from a million hits per day to 1.5
million hits per day.

2. Brady Haran will return to NY in January to shoot more Numberphile
videos. I have lots of material, but if you have any suggestions for really
spectacular new sequences I could talk about, send me an email.

3. I gave a talk on Nov 2 2023 in the Kansas State Univ Art and Math
Seminar, a kind of retrospective of pictures in the OEIS from the start to
recent problems.

The talk was recorded.  If you go to the KSU web page


my talk (video, slides) is close to the top. Some of the illustrations are
fairly mind-blowing, especially Gavin Theobald's dissections, such as his
20-piece dissection of a regular 50-sided polygon into a square.

4. Doron Zeilberger's famous Experimental Mathematics Seminar at Rutgers
University has now been running for 20 years. The videos of the talks
normally appear on Vimeo.

What I did not realize until yesterday is that they are also mirrored on a
YouTube channel called Experimental Mathematics, run by Edinah Gnang:


The Numberphile channel is wonderful, and the videos get hundreds of
thousands of views. But it is aimed at the general public. This
Experimental Mathematics channel has hundreds of great videos, and they are
aimed at people like us. There are great talks by many of the famous names
in our field (Art Benjamin, Persi Diaconis, Marni Mishna, among recent
speakers), and at best these videos have received a few hundred views. This
channel deserves to be better known!

(My most recent talk in the seminar, "New Gilbreath Conjectures, Sum and
Erase, ...", is there:

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUJDTpkJ1GA, although the first 3 minutes
are a disaster... )

Neil J. A. Sloane, Chairman, OEIS Foundation.
Also Visiting Scientist, Math. Dept., Rutgers University,
Email: njasloane at gmail.com

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