[seqfan] Silent numbers

Ali Sada pemd70 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 07:02:06 CET 2023

Hi everyone,
Finnish comedian, ISMO, doesn't like silent letters in English words. He thinks that silent numbers are far more useful, "like I owe you 75 dollars, but the 7 is silent." 

Let's say that each positive integer, n, has n dollars. But n owes money to n+1 and it has to give that money back. However, in this world, the even-numbered digits are "silent." For example, 152 becomes 12, and 7643 becomes 63, and so on. 

We start: 

1 has one dollar and it gives it to 2. a(1) =1. 
2 has 3 dollars now and it gives them to 3. a(2) = 3.3 has 6 dollars now and it gives them to 4. a(3) = 6.4 has 10 dollars now, but it gives 0 to 5 since the 1 is silent. a(4) = 0.5 has 5 dollars and it gives them to 6. a(5) = 5. 
And so on.
Is this sequence suitable for the OEIS?   


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