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Michael Somos wrote:

>Now that the missing reference situation has been cleared up. Maybe
>next it is time to look at the situation with preprints. I am sure
>that in many cases, the preprints can be replaced with reference to
>the published item. Some of these preprints date back to 1992 and
>even earlier. Shalom, Michael


%D A022490 A. Stoimenow, Enumeration of Chord Diagrams..., preprint 1997.
%D A022492 A. Stoimenow, Enumeration of Chord Diagrams..., preprint 1997
(see %H line).

Stoimenow, Alexander: On Enumeration of Chord Diagrams and Asymptotics
of Vassiliev Invariants.
Berlin: FU Berlin, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1998.


%D A002995 G. Labelle, ``Sur la sym\'{e}trie et l'asym\'{e}trie des
structures combinatoires,'' preprint, 1991.

Labelle, Gilbert: Sur la symetrie et l'asymetrie des structures
combinatoires. Theor. Comput. Sci. 117, No.1-2, 3-22 (1993).


%D A029876 dborwein at, jborwein at, pborwein at,
rgirgens at "Giuga's conjecture on primality", preprint, accepted
by Amer. Math. Monthly.

Borwein, D. - Borwein, J.M. - Borwein, P.B. - Girgensohn, R.: Giuga's
Conjecture on Primality.
Amer. Math. Monthly 103, No.1, 40-50 (1996).

%D A029876 J M Borwein and E Wong, A survey of results relating to Giuga's
conjecture., preprint.

Borwein, J.M. - Wong, E.: A Survey of Results Relating to Giuga's Conjecture
on Primality.
Vinet, Luc (ed.): Advances in Mathematical Sciences: CRM's 25 Years.
Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society. CRM Proc. Lect. Notes. 11,
13-27 (1997).



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