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Jud McCranie jud.mccranie at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 13 19:49:52 CET 2000

At 11:33 AM 1/13/00 -0500, David W. Wilson wrote:
 >  It is also possible that I assumed Mr. Somos original
>message was copied to math-fun, and having hit "Reply" instead of
>"Reply All", manually filled in the in the "Cc:" field, which is in
>retrospect and very dangerous habit to fall into.

I have accidently done this - gotten a private message from someone on a 
list, looked at who my reply was going to, seen that it wasn't going to the 
list, assumed that it came from the list and I hit "reply" instead of 
"reply all", and added the list to the cc.  It is an easy error to make.

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