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Antti Karttunen karttu at
Wed Dec 19 17:43:43 CET 2001

Dear Olivier,

seeing that there's not yet much activity in,
I suggest that you make the archives of SeqFan-list
(from  Listserv at available there
(either as a static Web-pages, or through some dynamic
script), because currently they are very difficult to access
via SeqFan-bitserv's own request-mechanism,
unless you want to delimit access only to SeqFan-members
themselves. Indeed, the publishing of e-mail addresses
occurring in the headers of SeqFan-messages
to any web-browsing robot might be a problem viz-a-viz spammers.
On the other hand, I guess that the most SeqFanatics
that have mailed to the list have already published their
mail-addresses in the entries they have submitted to EIS.

I guess the voice of the SeqFan-members should
be heard on this... Maybe one could use a "clever"
anti-spamming substitution like
sed -e 's/@/@supprimez./g' when transferring
the archives in bulk..
(This probably breaks some Mathematica code also,
so should preferably be applied only to the headers
and nearby of the messages.)



Olivier Gerard wrote:

> To all seqfan members,
> the site can be used by any EIS contributor to
> store permanently any material related to sequences.
> Material can be indexed by sequence number for urls
> (ex   )
> or by a contributor log name.
> As I can use symbolic links, the same material
> can be attributed to several sequences.
> Once more than one page is available I will make
> two index pages available from the home page
> for looking up material.
> CGI/dynamic pages can be written in perl and php.
> Just mail it to me for inclusion (please put Neil
> in copy each time).
> Olivier

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