making gifs automatically

Olivier Gerard ogerard at
Wed Nov 6 01:27:44 CET 2002

Le 05, N. J. A. Sloane écrivait:
> some one suggested replacing email addresses on my sequence database
> by gifs with email address visible in the gif (to avoid robots
> that harvest email addresses from the web)
> Does anyone know how to automatically take a short sentence, say
>       Jack Smith (js at
> and produce a gif which displays those words?
> Neil

For similar tricks, I often use the gd/freetype libraries which are available
in various computer languages and operating systems.
There are perl libraries available
to interface with it (the server hosting the OEIS has mod_perl
if I remember well).  In their standard version they produce PNG
images (free equivalent of GIF).  They can be used in CGIs

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