email and s p a m blocking/modifications

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Thu Nov 7 04:32:40 CET 2002

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Greeting brian, seqfans , neil,

Unfortunately I can only do email,    not switch to http.
I cannot do GIFs. (That idea was tricky- Not simple!)  I explain below.

I sent this to your email,    but is it an e-ddress?
So I send it to seqfan also.  (It isn't about a sequence.)

Has Neil decided in Nov. 2002 newsletter? Sounded good.
So should I stop.

About modifications.**

I found oeis unfortunately did not allow to search for 'word'   10^9.
e.g. mcdonald, divisors of (10^9)^(10^9)+1.

Dear seq fans,

My system is Acorn Archimedes A5000  U.K. 1990.
4 MB Ram  ARM  RISC-os reduced instruction set computer.
(READnews and ArcWeb.)
80 MB HDD IDE.  (upgraded to 340 MB.)

NOT Ibm compatible.
NOT win9x
NOT html.  not http
NOT MS word
NOT gif jpeg attach.
plain text only.
NOT internet explorer.
not Mathematica not Maple

Yes pari gp

Yes sericalc4S serious/serial printout calc,
c22Bc factor credit cards, IsPriMe2k,
PrimeCabi c*a^b+i <n , factors
etc.  -- these are (hundreds) of my own programs.

Thank you

don.mcdonald at
07.11.02  15:23  nzdt*.

my file  >  02.MZD02-Nov.seqspamblk

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> OK.  I set up an example.  To email me, click this link ->

cannot do, i get-
Error Insufficient memory   !!

 Of course the site could be set
> up so that you would see the user's name instead of the URL to the "send
> email" page.  I would have done that in this email, but this version of
> outlook's a bit inflexible.
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> From: Brian L. Galebach [mailto:briang at]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 9:13 AM
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> Subject: RE: email and s p a m blocking
> I don't like the idea of just modifying the email addresses in an obvious
> way, as some have suggested.  Just have a link for each contributer to a
> page where you can send a message.  This really isn't at all hard to do, and
> would make all our email addresses completely secure.  Privacy is a serious
> concern, and this issue deserves a serious solution, not a cluge.
> Brian

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