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Gordon Royle asked me to post this.


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Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 08:53:26 +0800 (WST)
Subject: email for seqfan

Brendan, could you please post this to seqfan for me - my email address
has changed (to gordon at and it doesn't recognise me...

> Another way to stop spammers collecting email address from
> the web is to make the addresses only available by filling
> in a form.  Automatic email collectors are too stupid to
> do that by themselves.

I would vote that we go with the simplest idea of all.

Just make each address into a GIF/PNG and display it on the page.

Assuming you are using some variant of Unix/Linux this is trivial to
do using the super program "convert" which translates between any 
type of image format. 

It is done as follows:

(1) Create a blank GIF/PNG of an appropriate size - say 512 x 32 pixels
and call it "template.gif" or some such name

(2) Perform the operation

convert -draw "text 20,20 gordon at" template.gif emailA07586.gif

where "gordon at" is the submitter and "emailA....gif" is the
suggested name for the file.

To make PNGs instead of GIFs, just change "gif" to "png" (and so on 
for JPG or any other format you can think of)

Dr. Gordon F Royle,, gordon at

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