de Branges claims proof of RH

Ralf Stephan ralf at
Thu Jun 10 11:50:28 CEST 2004

 From the news:

   De Branges is perhaps best known for solving another trenchant problem
   in mathematics, the Bieberbach conjecture, about 20 years ago. Since
   then, he has occupied himself to a large extent with the Riemann
   hypothesis and has attempted its proof several times.

   His latest efforts have neither been peer reviewed nor accepted for
   publication, but Leonard Lipshitz, head of Purdue's mathematics
   department, said that de Branges' claim should be taken seriously.

   "De Branges' work deserves attention from the mathematics community,"
   he said. "It will obviously take time to verify his work, but I hope
   that anyone with the necessary background will read his paper so that
   a useful discussion of its merits can follow."

So this seems serious,

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