Smallest number to appear n times in Pascal's triangle

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Sat Nov 20 21:56:43 CET 2004

If there are no binomial coefficients that appear exactly 5 times, 
then it may be best to change the name of A003015 to be 
"Numbers that occur 6 or more times in Pascal's triangle.": 
Sequence:  1,120,210,1540,3003,7140,11628,24310, 
Name:      Numbers that occur 5 or more times in Pascal's triangle. 
On Fri, 19 Nov 2004 23:14:27 -0800 David Wasserman
<dwasserm at> writes:
> I didn't see the message from Isabel Lugo.  Do we know if there's a 
> number that appears exactly 5 times?
> >Because of the imprecise way I worded it, Hugo Pfoertner is 
> absolutely
> >right to answer A062527, where a(5)=a(6). If I had instead said
> >"Smallest number to appear exactly n times in Pascal's triangle", 
> then
> >it'd be different. To look for that fifth term where Isabel Lugo 
> said,
> >at 61218182743304701891431482520, appears to be quite a formidable
> >task. (Thanks for the MathWorld link, by the way, I hadn't thought 
> to
> >look there).
> >
> >Alonso
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