two kinds of references

zak seidov zakseidov at
Thu Jul 7 17:06:42 CEST 2005

I humbly suggest
each submitter spend several seconds
to describe each refr (sort of %N line),

--- Emeric Deutsch <deutsch at> wrote:

> References in the OEIS are of two kinds:
> (i) references in which the considered sequence does
> appear;
> (ii) references that are only related - more or less
> remotely -
> with the topic of the sequence.
> Would it be possible to differentiate somehow (for
> example with an 
> asterisk) between these two kinds of sequences?
> I realize that it would be practically impossible to
> implement it 
> retroactively.
> Emeric
> P.S. A very possible scenario: Axxxxxx, connected
> with "soandso",
> has two references. I spend a lot of time looking up
> for those
> references. Then I find out that the references
> contain only
> generalities about "soandso" but nothing about the
> sequence
> Axxxxxx I am interested in.

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