two kinds of references

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Thu Jul 7 18:35:57 CEST 2005

Every one,

	The same problem can be seen in the cross referenced sequences, i.e.; some  are 
very relevant and with others we are left scratching our heads. At least with 
these, they are all easily viewed by hyper links. As to the hard copy references, 
how about using %D for the reference of the first kind and %d for those of the 
second kind?


zak seidov wrote:

> I humbly suggest
> each submitter spend several seconds
> to describe each refr (sort of %N line),
> zak
> --- Emeric Deutsch <deutsch at> wrote:
>>References in the OEIS are of two kinds:
>>(i) references in which the considered sequence does
>>(ii) references that are only related - more or less
>>remotely -
>>with the topic of the sequence.
>>Would it be possible to differentiate somehow (for
>>example with an 
>>asterisk) between these two kinds of sequences?
>>I realize that it would be practically impossible to
>>implement it 
>>P.S. A very possible scenario: Axxxxxx, connected
>>with "soandso",
>>has two references. I spend a lot of time looking up
>>for those
>>references. Then I find out that the references
>>contain only
>>generalities about "soandso" but nothing about the
>>Axxxxxx I am interested in.
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