[seqfan] Re: LRS formulas for n>=...?

Hagen von Eitzen math at von-eitzen.de
Sun Aug 2 20:43:59 CEST 2009

rhhardin at att.net schrieb:
> Of course that automatic detection is what I would be doing, if I included
> the recurrence, because I detect it automatically as well.  (The actual
> calculation for my series is essentially brute force enumeration.)
BTW, enumeration of what? By now I'd really like to know ...
> But surely unverified truth turns up all over; somebody enumerates out
> a series, and somebody else comes up with the same series on a different
> problem, and so adds a comment rather than submit his series, even if he
> has fewer terms; or he may add terms as well as the comment.
This may happen, but shouldn't.
Somewhere in the submission hints is stated that such a conjectural 
identity should be marked as such, e.g. by writing "It appears that ...".
(I can't exactly find that statement right now, so I should have written 
"It appears that somewhere in the hints ...")

Of course, humans are fallible and may accidentally submit a comment as 
factual of which they *think* they have a proof.
> Now there are two problems with the same series, and the series is extended
> by either problem, without anybody checking it applies for the other.
> I think you have to just judge the odds: how many terms with how many
> digits, and what are the chances this is accidental.
Just check how many sequences the search term
spits out ...
> If your judgment is good, it works for both problems.
> The real difficulty is can you automatically judge the chances.
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> From: Richard Mathar <mathar at strw.leidenuniv.nl>
>> As the database is supposed to contain the verified truth, it's a scaring
>> option to automate the detection. One could in some way collect
>> all the apparent recurrences by running some sort of superseeker across the
>> entire database and put them in some index, but that would remain labeled
>> by "use with caution".
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