[seqfan] Re: Rant on Maple code

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Fri Aug 14 05:12:45 CEST 2009

* Robert G. Wilson, v <rgwv at rgwv.com> [Aug 14. 2009 08:47]:
> SeqFans,
>    The hierarchy of programming.
> 1. It must be accurate.
> 2. It should be efficient (both in computer resources and time)
> 3. Readable. Please no spaghetti coding.
>  For me when all of the above occurs the coding is 'elegant'.
>  I also try hard to label functions which are useful in several other sequences 
> with unique descriptive titles. As an example, before Mathematica had as a built 
> in function, nextPrim[n_]. In this way someone who was following me could cut and 
> paste this function into their coding and thereby the OEIS would be internally 
> consistent.
>  With consistency for the OEIS in mind, the generating function if not named 
> should be the f(n) with helping functions of g(), h(), etc. If the sequence is 
> recursive, then a(n) and not f(n) is useful.
> Bob.
> [...snip to save precious electrons...]

I agree with your statements.
Enforcing routine names would be nice
but appears impossible to me.

There should also be a reason for the code.

-- computation (efficient, code as clear as possible)

-- verification of a statement
   (e.g. cranking out the Catalan seq via combinatorial counting)

-- showing how to do it in a certain language
   (e.g. ellj() and znstar() in pari/gp)

-- code as a formula?
Good, because errors in code can often be found trivially by running it.
Bad, because what should be a formula is often stated
(enCODEd) in the cryptic syntax of a particular language.

-- Using unexplained functionality of a package?
Good if that package is one you should know about
if you are interested in this seq (e.g. some combinatorial stuff).
Good if otherwise practically impossible (e.g. znstar()).
[Bleep]ing bad if a stupid obfuscation, e.g. all with(finance) code.

A few more remarks:

There is no point for giving code for 10*n et.al.

Omitting the * with multiplication is bad.

Code for a free/open source system is much more valuable
than code for commercial systems as e.g. M & M, check the prices!

Prefer a simple approach, not everyone understands
  Nest[Fold[Hold[Flatten[N__ \;] @@ Doppel!Moppel[@% \; _Eval[#@]]]]]
This style is called "write only" for a reason.

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