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Or only the last author is cited in the hyper link, and thus keeping it 
short, but the rest could be put into the b-text file itself at the 
beginning on a separate line (of course following a #).


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Authorship of b-files

Dear Editors-in-Chief and Sequence Fans:

Tony Noe points out that there is a problem with the authorship of b-files. 
He says:

"Everything else about OEIS seems to follow the fairly nice mathematical 
authorship rules.
But as practiced now, anyone can add one term (I have seen this) to a b-file 
change the author to themselves.  I propose that if someone creates a
b-file and later someone adds to that b-file, then both authors should 
I think it would be easy for the editors to enforce this rule."

I agree that this is a problem. In fact when someone adds terms to an
existing b-file, both - or all - author's names should appear.

Something like this could be our model:

A, B and C, <a href ....>Table ...< /a > [Terms 1 through 50 were computed 
by A, terms 51 through 60 by B, and term 61 by C]

or perhaps even better:

A, B and C, <a href ....>Table ...< /a > [Terms 1 through 50 were computed 
by A, Jul 01 2003; terms 51 through 60 by B, Aug 01 2004; and term 61 by C, 
Aug 17 2011]

I will add something like this to the Instruction Page for B-files next 
when I return home.



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