[seqfan] Re: bracelets versus Young Tableaux (A000085)

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Sequence A000085 has several other interpretations and one way to attack
the problem would be to start by collecting all the known bijections
between them. That entry has a lot of references.

On Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 6:31 PM, Don Reble <djr at nk.ca> wrote:

> does anybody know of a one-to-one relation between
>> bracelets of 2n+1 beads with n+1 black ones and n white ones,
>> and Young Tableaux (or involutions) of the partitions of n?
>    Alas, I don't. Furthermore: Knuth, TAOCP, vol 3, section 5.1.4, page
>    63 (second printing) looks pretty discouraging; so you might regret
>    looking there.
>    (On the other hand, there's a mild chuckle amidst page 66 (the
>    "laborious calculation" sentence)).
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