[seqfan] Sol LeWitt's sequence 1, 3, 122

Neil Sloane njasloane at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 02:24:00 CET 2013

Dear Sequence Fans, I came across an article in an old New Yorker:

Peter Schjeldahl, Less is beautiful, The Art World, The New Yorker
magazine, March 13, 2000, pp. 98-99.

reviewing the work of the artist Sol LeWitt. One of his most famous pieces
is called
Variations of Incomplete Open Cubes. You can see it here:

If I understand it correctly, he calculated that there are 122 different
to select a subset of the 12 edges of a cube
so that the result is connected and does not lie in any subspace.
If two figures differ by a rotation he does not regard them as different,
but he does if they differ by a reflection.

The analogs in 1 and 2 dimensions are 1 and 3
(in 2-D, take all 4 edges of a square, or drop one edge, or drop two
adjacent edges).

So we have 1, 3, 122.

I wonder if 122 is correct and if so what is the next term?


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