[seqfan] Re: A012278

Maximilian Hasler maximilian.hasler at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 17:31:41 CET 2013

> A012278 is entitled
> "arctanh(exp(x)*log(x+1))=x+1/2!*x^2+4/3!*x^3+12/4!*x^4+103/5!*x^5... ".
> Thus it should be the sequence whose egf is arctanh(exp(x)*log(x+1)).
> I think either the offset should be 1 or the 0'th term should be 0

There are thousands of such imperfections on OEIS which indeed must be fixed;
if you have the time, please "be bold" and directly propose an edit on
OEIS.org ;
if other editors upon looking at your proposal in the approval queue
think that it really requires discussion on the SeqFan list, this is
still possible.

And even if a new proposal for a NAME (and/or correction of offset
etc) of all those concerned sequences is not perfect,
it will most probably still be better than what it was before, so
that's the good way to go.

Thanks in advance (to all who will be the "you" in the above) !

PS: [I apologize for probable repetition of this proposal.]
 I think it would be a nice thing to have a wiki page
(linked to in a preeminent place right on the welcome page)
"Where can I help > on the (main) OEIS",
where one could post suggestions for edits to be done
(especially if one does not have the time
[or a good idea about what to do], and/or
when there's a larger number of sequences involved
such that sharig the work would be appropriate.)

A nice Sunday to all Sequence Fans,


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