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The idea was to have something like a (an) holorime (holorhyme ?) 


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Inserting a definite article sounds more grammatically precise in French, so I slightly prefer 
Simon's version. Also, it has a more symmetrical rhythm (3 words + 3 words). However, including 
"the" in English (though not technically incorrect) is not very colloquial, so the translation would be better as 
"all sequences, ..." or "every sequence, ..." 


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if I may, I would rather say : toutes les suites, tout de suite, 

translating to 'all the sequences, right now' , 

Best regards, 
ps : this is my humble opinion, 
ps2 : I like the fist too. 

Simon Plouffe 

Le 2018-09-22 à 19:39, Neil Sloane a écrit : 
> Michel Marcus and I were amusing ourselves via email and came up with a 
> French motto for the OEIS: 
> l'OEIS, toutes suites tout de suite 
> Maybe this is not the funniest joke in the world, but I like it! 
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