[seqfan] Re: More rows of triangle in A271100?

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Sat May 7 18:33:39 CEST 2016

Write a program to write the program, if there's a method to it.
I use awk / gawk for that purpose.
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 Subject: [seqfan] More rows of triangle in A271100?
Dear sequence fans,

not so long ago I submitted A271100. Is there an algorithm that (in theory)
works for finding any row n of the triangle?

I computed rows n=2 to 5 in PARI, but I used a function specifically
written for each n. One problem is that the code for the function for each
n gets longer and longer for increasing n. The function for n = 5  for
example consisted of 24 expressions linked together with OR, with each
expression consisting of 5 congruence tests linked together with AND, for a
total of 120 congruences to be tested.

Is there an easy way to compute further rows of the triangle without the
need to write a custom function for each n?

Best regards

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