[seqfan] The Ramanujan alpha, beta, and gamma series

Neil Fernandez primeness at borve.org
Sun May 8 21:38:12 CEST 2016


In message <CAOBkf9n9d16ypp6dXBJZLvgY=9SN5QSQ=g81Dap5=SO-
yUET8Q at mail.gmail.com>, Robert Munafo <mrob27 at gmail.com> writes

>Also I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me if this is valid
>"Mathemetica" code:
>Series[(1+53*a+9*a^2)/(1-82*a-82*a^2+a^3), {a, Infinity, 10}]

In Mathematica 9 it gives:

9/a + 791/a^2 + 65601/a^3 + 5444135/a^4 + 451797561/a^5 + 
37493753471/a^6 + 3111529740489/a^7 + 258219474707159/a^8 + 
21429104870953665/a^9 + 1778357484814447079/a^10 + O(1/a)^11


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